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A greenish-yellow fluid secreted through the liver, saved within the gallbladder and produced by tubular passageways termed bile ducts in the bowel to aid digest Body fat and carry absent waste.

A type of white blood mobile (termed a lymphocyte) that's An important ingredient of the immune method. Non Hodgkin B cell lymphoma starts in B cells. balloon angioplasty

A recurring cycle all through a lady’s reproductive everyday living during which the lining in the uterus prepares for pregnancy; if pregnancy does not take place the lining is shed.

Particles which have been formed in bone marrow and flow into within the blood. They bind at the internet site of a wound to begin the clotting procedure.

Quite possibly the most considerable cell type in the central nervous technique; glial cells encompass and help neurons. glioma

When transferring info, it's important to verify that the data arrived specifically as it was sent and wasn't modified.

One of a pair of neck veins that accumulate blood through the brain and deal with and Express it toward the heart.

Hardening in the arteries; kinds commonly acknowledged are: atherosclerosis, Mönckeberg's arteriosclerosis, and arteriolosclerosis. arteriovenous fistula

Reduction in bone mineral density to under-ordinary levels; the initial stage of bone reduction; an early-warning indicator pointing to an increased chance of producing whole-blown osteoporosis.

A wire coil that may be inserted through a tiny plastic tube in the rectum as Element of a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) Test to acquire extra in-depth images of the prostate gland or other internal body buildings.

Dosimetrists diligently work out the dose of radiation to make sure the tumor will get adequate radiation. They produce a variety of cure designs that can best destroy the tumor whilst sparing the normal tissues. Lots of of such remedy plans are quite complex. Dosimetrists get the job done Together with the doctor along with the healthcare physicist to pick the treatment method strategy which is good for every client.

A brachytherapy therapy by which a remote-controlled equipment pushes radioactive product via a delivery device to the site of a tumor. Click via this link allergy

An examination of blood vessels by injecting contrast content specifically into an artery through a little plastic tube.

An evaluation overall body recognized to safeguard the welfare of human individuals recruited for biomedical investigate.

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